Items Registration Fee US Dollar Registration Fee RMB
Full Paper USD 500 3300 RMB
Full Paper(Students) USD 460 3000 RMB
Presenter(Abstract) USD 330 2100 RMB
Listeners USD 270 1750 RMB
Additional Paper USD 360 2300 RMB
Additional Abstract USD 220 1400 RMB
Extra Page USD 60/page 380 RMB/Page
Extra Jounral USD 80/ hard copy 530 RMB/per hard copy
Academic Visiting (Optional) coming soon... coming soon...



*For one full paper, the first 5 pages are free, extra page will be charged.

*Required documents: 1. final paper with word and pdf; 2. signed copyright; 3. filled registration form; 4. scanned payment proof. Send the package to to finish the registration.

*A copy of the student ID is required to register with the student rate.

*Both USD and RMB are acceptable.

*Registration fee accompanied other registration files must be received before the registration deadline and are non-refundable due to participants personal reasons, such as visa application rejection, etc. If your registration exceed the deadline, your paper may not be published on time.


Regisration Fee Includes


  Items   Full Paper   Presenter   Listener
  15 minutes presentation time            
  Publication fee         
  1 journal         
  All sessions attendance               
  Conference abstract               
  Attendance certificate               
  Registration fee receipt            
  Conference papers collection            
  Lunch, coffee breaks and dinner on May 25