All the people, who are interested in ICERP 2018 conference, are welcome to this event. This event will include the participation of renowned keynote speakers, oral presentations, posters sessions and technical conferences related to the topics dealt with in the Scientific Program.

This page will let you be clear about how to prepare your present during the conference.


Oral Presentation:

1. Each oral presentation will last 15 mins (12 min talk + 3 min Q&A)
2. Each presenter must give the powerpoint file to our staff to load on the computer in advance (during coffee or lunch breaks)
3. Each presenter fills out the information about speaker's biography (a speaker's form will be given in the registration package)
4. Due to the limitation of time, each presenter must manage the time strictly


Poster Presentation:

We will provide the poster boards. They are in portrait orientation (see figures below) and suitable for handling A1 size and Portrait Direction posters ONLY. The poster materials may ONLY be affixed with tape, NO PINS. We will provide you with adhesive tape at the registration desk.

We will collect the poster at the registration desk, and put up your poster on the specified boards.

All poster presenters are expected to stand at their posters during the poster session time to discuss the content with delegates. Posters can also be viewed during the coffee breaks. Presenters may also wish to stand by their poster during these times in case delegates wish to discuss the content.

Posters will be removed after the poster session