Items Early Bird Regular
Student Author 430 USD/3100 RMB 480 USD/3450 RMB
Presenter 300 USD/2150 RMB 330 USD/2300 RMB
Delegate 250 USD/1800 RMB  
Non-Student Author 470 USD/3400 RMB 520 USD/3750 RMB
Presenter 340 USD/2500 RMB 370 USD/2650 RMB
Delegate 280 USD/2000 RMB  
Others Invited Speaker 300 USD/2150 RMB
Additional Paper 400 USD/2900 RMB
Extra Page 50 USD/360 RMB
Social Program(Optional) TBA



*The early bird registration deadline is March 20, 2024.

*Paper registration fee can cover 10 pages, extra page is available but will be charged for 50 USD/360 RMB per page.

*Required documents: 1. final papers with doc(x) and pdf; 2. filled registration form; 3. scanned payment proof. Upload the files to registration link to finish the final registration step by step.

*A copy of the student ID is required to register with the student rate. Student registration requires that 1st author is student.

*One registration allows only 1 participant to attend the conference. If co-author or family member would like to attend the conference, please register as the listener. For listener registration, please click the following quick registration link. After registration, please return the payment proof to the conference email in order to confirm whether your registration is successful or not.

没有文章和报告的参会者以及同行的合著作者, 可以注册为听众的形式参会。听众注册,同样是在链接上完成。注册完成后请将付款邮箱以及Order ID于3个工作日内发送到会议邮箱,以便我们能够及时确定您的注册是否成功。


*Additional paper registration requires that two papers have the same FIRST authors.

*Both USD and RMB are acceptable.

*Registration fee accompanied other registration files must be received before the registration deadline. If your registration exceed the deadline, your paper may not be published on time.

Exclusion of Liability:

The Conference Organizer will not be held responsible for participants' failure to attend the conference directly or indirectly occasioned by visa application deny, riots, diseases or any conditions beyond the control of the Conference Organizer. And thus, the conference registration fee cannot be refunded.



1. The cancellation deadline is on April 1st, 2024.

2. Cancellations before April 1st, 2024 is acceptable but it will be charged for 30% of registration fee as the handling fee.


Conference Onsite Saftety Policy:

In the consideration of the personal and property security belonging to conference participants, please be sure to take the attendance cards during the conference. Unauthorized persons are not permitted to enter the venue. The conference organizers won't accept liability for personal injuries, or for loss or damage of property belonging to conference participants.