Oral Presentation in the Conference Site

Oral presentation allows authors to present papers for discussion detailing their latest research, education innovations and/or practice. Oral presentation involves authors presenting for 15 minutes, including 2-3 minutes allocated for Q&A. The oral presentation requirements are as follows:

1. All written material must be of adequate size to be clearly visible to all delegates.

2. Please bring a copy of your presentation (including any embedded files) on a USB memory stick to the conference.

3. Arrive at the conference room in advance of the session to introduce yourself to the Chair.

4. The oral presentation will be accurately timed, so make sure you finish in time.

5. We only support PowerPoint or PDF–Please do not prepare any other presentation formats.

6. If your presentation contains video clips, you must prepare the video as a separate file. And please inform the conference secretary about it before the conference.

7. A laser pointer/PowerPoint clicker will be available.

8. Please be aware that internet access is not guaranteed. So having an external storage source is imperative.